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Stained Concrete Of El Paso

3116 Titantic Avenue
El Paso, TX 79904

If you are thinking epoxy flooring for your garage, industrial or commercial building, please give us a call to schedule a free consultation. We offer a friendly and professional conversation about your project.
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You can find us here in El Paso, Texas. We are proud to be born and raised here and our family owned business has thrived though good and bad economies. We have just under 700,000 neighbors that share this great city with us. We sit right on the Mexican border to the south. Fort Bliss calls El Paso home and is the largest military training facility in the United States.

We are proud to have El Paso International Airport and one of the major interstates runs right through our city, of course this is Interstate 10. Did you know that we get 302 days of sunshine per year? That is why we have a nickname of the “The Sun City”.  But our mountain region still receives some snow in the winter. This makes El Paso, TX the perfect place to live! Please give us a call for all of your flooring needs: (575) 322-2108