Acid Stained Floors

Acid Stained Flooring Acid Stained Flooring is becoming very popular in El Paso and you may ask yourself why? If

Industrial Epoxy Flooring

We specialize in epoxy flooring for large industrial buildings. We are the leading El Paso flooring contractor and have done

Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete Flooring in El Paso TX Stamped concrete flooring is the new trend in the market and a process


Concrete Contractor El Paso

We are a full service high end custom flooring company in El Paso, TX that specializes in Acid Stained Concrete Floors. We offer both residential and commercial flooring services. We do jobs from 500 sq patios to 50,000 sq feet grocery stores and restaurants.

We are a local family owned business and take tremendous pride in our work. Our founder has over 20 years of experience and stands behind his work with warranties and guarantees. We offer free estimates and consultations. Our family has grown up in the El Paso area and we love to live where we work.

Do you have aged concrete or cement floors that are not very attractive? Does your pool decking or patio look worn out? Are you tired of replacing your carpet or tile every 5-6 years?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you really should consider a 30 minute consultation with us and let us show you what we could do with our stained concrete floor installation.

We can literally change the whole look of a room, house, commercial project , patio or pool area with our flooring products.

Let us transform your ugly, outdated, un-sanitary or un-safe floors into a new look with a huge variety of colors and styles.

Benefits of Staining Your Concrete Floors:

Cost Friendly – Priced lower than tile & stone. Our staining process isn’t cheap but when all things considered, most of the time we are less expensive than tile, stone and other high end flooring options.


Durability – Able to withstand heavy weights from vehicles or even heavy equipment. It is possible to chip concrete but that happens rarely and if it does, it can be easily repaired. Besides that, there isn’t much that can go wrong with our cement floors. The material is very hard to damage. It’s used for streets and highways as a matter of fact!


Maintenance Friendly – Mop the floor every once in awhile for optimal shine. Depending on the amount of traffic, you might want to wax the floor every 12 months or so. These floors are very easy to care for. They hide dirt, stains and spills better  than their flooring competitors like carpet, tile and wood.


Environment & Green Friendly – Because the concrete is already there, no new material is produced. Basically just un-install any materials that may have been installed on top of the concrete and then we will do our beautiful staining process.


Last Forever – If you properly maintain your stained concrete or cement floor, it can literally last for a life time. Think of all the money that you can save by not needing to replace your flooring every 5-6 years.


Numerous Design Options – Don’t just think of an ugly cement floor anymore. Our design team has several different designs, colors and textures that we can mix and match for the perfect look. Concrete floors can now be considered luxurious. We have installed this in $5+ Million Dollar homes!


Stays Cool – These floors naturally stay a few degrees cooler than other flooring types. If you are in a warm desert client like El Paso, this is great! Stay cool longer and save on that Air Conditioning bill. If they get to cool for you, heating the floors is an option through radiant heat or water tubes in the concrete to keep the floor warmer.

Things to do in El Paso Texas

El Paso is the 4th largest city of Texas and is rich in culture and history. It is a blend of 500-year-old history of cosmopolitan and old West living. El Paso remained the part of Mexico until 1845 when it officially became the part of United States. The Rio Grande River runs on the south border of El Paso and separates us from Mexico.

El Paso is about 256 square miles and has an elevation of 3740 feet. We have the El Paso International Airport centrally located, which is very nice! El Paso prides itself on some of the best authentic Mexican food in the whole country! 


As time passed, the lifestyle of people advanced so did the city structure. The city which you see today was totally different place years back. It’s due to rapidly changing needs and demand of the citizen and of course new technological advancement which shaped the current city in its form.


If you ever got a chance to visit this historical city, you must visit the following places we are mentioning. They are not only a worth visit but will also keep your heart with it!


Some of the hot spots include:

Hotel Indigo
Crepe + Co
Famous Dave’s Pawn Shop
DeadBeach Brewery
Crave Kitchen and Bar
Kern Place
Lucy’s Cafe